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At Rigby Dental, we are proud of our continued success and the quality of our services. Dr. Rigby and every dental staff member work together as an integrated team to ensure efficiency and your approval. The testimonials below have been submitted by patients and reflect the great feedback we hear regularly. Stop by our friendly front desk and share your feedback about your visit.

“I had a wonderful visit. The front desk staff knows who I am, which I love! It makes me feel like I am coming to see friends. The hygienist and assistant were both friendly, fun, and they answered all my questions. Plus, I didn't have any cavities. What could be better than that?! Thank you so much!”
     — Kelly S.

“It was awesome! I love the T.V.'s on the ceiling I got wrapped up in SportsCenter and forgot my face was numb while they were filling my cavity. ”
     — JB S.

“Dr. Rigby's staff; Megan and Connie were professional, yet fun to have around during my visit. Their humor certainly added to such an already great experience. Adding to that was when Dr. Rigby made it clear how their staff is able to assist me obtaining a replacement retainer. They are capable of beginning the process in their office leading up to the Orthodontic visit with Dr. Vincent's team. Thank you Dr. Rigby for creating a pleasant experience and clearly explaining my dental situation and options. Aboslutely World Class Customer Service!”
     — Gary P.

“I was fit in because I had a toothache. The Dentist took the time to do a whole root canal right then and there even if it meant staying longer then he needed it to. I was very appreciative of him and his staff.”
     — Ruth G.

“I love the hot wipes they give after the appointment. Thanks!”
     — Jake W.

“I especially appreciated that Dr. Rigby and his staff were very responsive to my need to be done by a certain time in order to attend a funeral. I had considered rescheduling my appointment but I had already cancelled it once and had some dental work that needed to be done. Thank you for your consideration!”
     — Linda J.

“I am pleasantly amazed that even after not being at the office for several years, the receptionists greeted me by name and asked about my children, very impressed!!!”
     — Candace P.

“I tell everyone about Dr. Rigby's office! I don't dread going every six months like I used to. Everyone is friendly and I feel like they do a good job and are honest with me.”
     — Renae H.

“I have never been more happy and more satisfied than I am with Dr. Rigby! He is very polite, professional and personable. His dental work is absolutely amazing! I can't believe I can get four novocaine shots in one sitting and not feel the pain of one! What makes the visits even better is his staff are full of happy, fun and outgoing people. Everybody greets you in one way or another, which is a plus because some people will look right through you as if your not even there. But not Rigby's staff. I have enjoyed every visit since I've been a patient and I will definitely recommend him to friends and family (already have).”
     — Bianca Y.

“I'm very afraid of needles, but the woman that gave me the novocaine made it so that I was rather comfortable with it. I also usually feel something, even when my mouth is numb, but I didn't have any discomfort whatsoever. Thank you, Dr. Rigby and associates.”
     — Robert T.

“I have always been impressed by the sincere friendliness of Dr. Rigby's staff. Their building is clean and comfortable. Lots of magazines and even tv's in the ceiling to keep your mind off of the hands in your mouth. Also, the e-mails and texts that you can sign up for to remind you of your appointment are priceless. I also appreciate their diligence in making sure they contact my insurance company before a procedure, to make sure that I know upfront exactly what kind of monetary commitment I'm making up front.”
     — Lily Q.

“Dr Rigby and his staff saved my today. My front tooth broke off at 10:00 AM. I called upset and frantic about an important meeting I has at 3:00 PM. They took me right in and worked on me between other patients. Dr. Rigby did a root canal and had a temporary tooth in place in two hours. I was back to the office in time for my meeting. This comment is not sufficient to thank them enough for what they did, but I hope they know of my gratitude for making me whole again!”
     — Pat R.

“As usual, your office exhibits the perfect balance of professionalism and relaxed friendly attitude, which makes me feel comfortable and confident that the best possible care is being done. ”
     — Dan H.

“Hailey had no idea she got a shot! She loves everyone at the office! Thanks for making my daughter feel, important and comfortable!”
     — Tori B.

“I love Dr. Rigby and his entire staff. It's like being a part of a big family.”
     — Tom J.

“Bridgette was a great listener and very understanding. She did a great job as well, explained everything clearly, didn't make me feel rushed or like just another body in the chair. Dr. Rigby was great as well, seems very skilled, was a nearly pain-free visit. I like his manner, soft-spoken, very easy going, much like myself. Thanks for making a difficult day a little better.”
     — Allan R.

“I was very happy to have a big annoying problem fixed so simply and quickly.”
     — Aaron D.

“This was Hailey's 1st visit to the dentist and she is excited to come again! You guys are wonderful and made her feel important, included, and comfortable. I love than everyone explained to her what they were going to do before the work was done! Thanks for making her visit enjoyable.”
     — Tori B.

“I know that I have issues with my gums and I also have an extreme phobia of the dentist. I have been chastised by dentists before because I don't bring my kids in as often as I should. However, this office has always been understanding of my fears (which have been almost paralyzing in the past), and when I brought kids in today, they were very understanding. Because of the staff at Rigby Dental, my phobia has become remarkably better and I can almost go to the dentist without being afraid. Thank you so much.”
     — Nancy Y.

“My 12 year old son was very anxious about getting the shots to fix his cavities. Dr. Rigby decided to give him the gas treatment so he could relax, it worked so well he never felt anything, and he doesn't remember it anyway. That will make it much less anxiety inducing for him when he goes back for his next visit. I really appreciated the excellent treatment for my son!”
     — Candy K.

“I was amazed at the quality of care that was given me the day of my appointment. When I left I felt like I was a person and not just a patient.”
     — Sally J.

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